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Animal skins are natural products and require a minimum of care. An animal skin is naturally resistant to wear and will last for years. Vacuum occasionally with care and minimal suction, without the (rotating) brush is sufficient; shaking out also works.
We recommend lightly spraying a cowhide once every 14 days to prevent drying out. Take care when spraying in combination with dyed skins, as they may give off dye.

Light stains can be removed from a pelt using a damp cloth; make sure the leather completely soaked.
A sheepskin is self-cleaning due to the lanolin in the wool and does not absorb any dirt or bacteria. Wool and leather are made up of animal proteins, on which spores, fungus, bacteria and so forth cannot grow. For intensive cleaning we recommend that you use the Hide-Rug cleaner.

Corporate social responsibility is important to us and we contribute to it, especially in the regions where our products originate. We like to participate in products that stimulate fair trade and CSR through the chain. In our product range you will find items such as springbok leather bags of African origin, which are used to support a development project. For every bag sold, an amount is donated to the Laer School in Amersfoort. The funds enable children at this infant school to receive a warm meal, books and other educational materials. This gives young motivated people the opportunity to develop, learn a traditional craft and build a future.
Search under Jabulani or Fair Trade.

At The Millus Trading Store nearly every item is unique and therefore separately photographed.
Obviously, this does not apply to products for which you need to select a quantity, size or colour.

Tanned hides can actually be used anywhere. This is not the case for hides with hollow hairs, such as reindeer, deer and roe deer; these hairs are brittle and intended for less intensive use and for decorative purposes.

A natural animal hide will not be discoloured by the sun.
This may occur if the animal hide is dyed, so it is advisable not to place it in direct sunlight.

No, we only offer worldwide legally produced products, if applicable, with the correct CITES papers. CITES stands for: the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The aim is to prevent over exploitation and to ensure that the international trade in natural products is not a threat to the survival of species. You can read more about this on the CITES website.
Het Millus Handelhuis is a strong supporter of this.

You can pay with iDeal, a bank transfer, PayPal and credit cards.
You pay online in your own bank environment; these environments are highly secure.
We never send you a request by email or any other form for payment from an account different than the one stated on your order confirmation and invoice. Please also see

As soon as you place an order you will receive an email confirmation. After we have received a payment confirmation from the bank your order will be processed. This usually takes place after 2 days for bank transfers, and immediately or as soon as possible for other cases. Your unique item is always in stock so that will never be a reason for delay.
The Millus Trading Store sends out shipments several times a week via PostNL and Packs courier services.
We keep you informed of the expected delivery date for special or custom orders.

We do not charge any shipping costs for deliveries within the Netherlands.
Deliveries outside the Netherlands are automatically specified on the order. For example:

  • Belgium and Germany: € 10,- extra
  • United Kingdom: only €15,- extra

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